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Foshan City Arsenbd Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2005, Foshan City Arsenbd Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd. is a professional commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating independent R & D, design, production and sales. With the value of "seriously doing a good job in every refrigerator and serving every customer carefully", after 14 years of development, it has become one of the well-known commercial cold chain equipment manufacturers in China.

The company is located in the core hinterland of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shunde District, Foshan City, a strong intelligent manufacturing city in China. In 1993, the chairman of the company, Mr. Li Fuming, took advantage of the spring breeze of reform and opening up to go south to Guangdong and began to get involved in the refrigeration equipment industry. With a wealth of industry experience and love, it is precisely because of this love that in 2005, Mr. Li Fuming founded Foshan City Accent Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment 14 years ago, under the leadership of Chairman Li Fuming, the people of Acutebao have not forgotten their original aspirations and forged ahead. Since its development in 2005, it has owned three well-known brands: "Agent", "Lino Royal" and "Kangfu"; it has a modern production base of 40,000 square meters and a large number of outstanding professionals. It has established Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, and Hong Kong, with 200 employees and an annual production capacity of more than 60,000 units.

The company's main business: display cabinet series, kitchen cabinet series, cake cabinet series, supermarket cabinet series, ice machine series, wine cabinet series, cigar cabinet series seven product series. The main products include: compressor wine cooler, electronic wine cooler, cigar cooler, refrigerator, workbench, sandwich workbench, salad cooler, display freezer, fresh milk cooler, refrigerated workbench, pickle cabinet, automatic sliding door display cabinet, There are more than 300 varieties of refrigeration equipment such as sushi cabinets, cake cabinets, supermarket display cabinets, fresh meat cabinets, seafood cabinets, fresh flowers preservation cabinets, and cold storage projects.

The company has an international management model, production equipment, a strong scientific research team, professional technical personnel and a complete after-sales service system. There are independent sheet metal workshops, kitchen cabinet workshops, display cabinet workshops, wine cabinet workshops and three conventional modern production workshops, equipped with two testing centers, and operate strictly in accordance with national industry standards. Has passed: safety production license (QS certification), 3C certification, safety production standardization and other certificates.

Since its establishment, Accorbao has been adhering to the business philosophy of "professional casting success, service creates brilliance", focusing on corporate brand building, image building and publicity, and corporate reputation and reputation have been greatly improved. Today, it enjoys a high reputation in the international and domestic markets, and its products cover all countries in the world. According to rough statistics, since its establishment, more than 500,000 refrigeration equipment have been exported to the world. In recent years, Acabal has maintained a healthy, stable and rapid growth, with an average growth rate of 40%. The company has an outstanding reputation, and it keeps its promises based on the principle of being responsible to customers. It has been rated as "A Grade Quality Credit Enterprise". Has been awarded: "Famous Brand in Guangdong Province", "Famous Enterprise", National "Popular Refrigeration Equipment Supplier", "Potential" in the Industry, "Influential Supplier", "Popular Brand in Refrigeration Industry", etc. Awards.

Faced with a new round of technological and industrial revolution today, Acutebao has formulated a new round of development strategy: focus on continuously improving its own comprehensive competitiveness and service awareness; focus on establishing a good cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers; Focus on providing users with more high-quality products at a reasonable price. Facing an unpredictable and unpredictable tomorrow, Acabal will adhere to the spirit of daring to be the first and continuous innovation, to achieve continuous growth and progress, and to continuously enhance the company’s brand value. At the same time, it is committed to being a leader in the field of commercial refrigeration. "Fight hard for this vision.

Warmly welcome new and old customers to use the series products of the company, and we sincerely thank you for your long-term support and cooperation. Your satisfaction is our expectation. We can make friends with all the guests, work together to encourage us, and create brilliance together!


Foshan City Arsenbd Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.

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