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New Strategy


Founded in 2005, Foshan yashenbao refrigeration equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde District, Foshan City. Under the leadership of chairman Li fuming, Foshan yashenbao refrigeration equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business philosophy of "professional casting success and service creating brilliance", and strives to provide customers with the best service.

Two well-known brands, 40000 square bases, with an annual production capacity of more than 60000 sets

Strong soft and hard strength, master core technology


①Focus on continuously improving their comprehensive competitiveness and service awareness;

②Focus on establishing good cooperative and mutually beneficial relations and adhesion with our customers;

③Focus on providing users with more high-quality and affordable products and services.


New Changes


In order to meet the increasing demand for output and enrich the product structure, the plant is relocated to a well-equipped Industrial Park of 25000 square meters to 40000 square meters

The output will be 20000 units in 2017, 33000 units in 2018 and 60000 units in 2019

Display cabinet series: body machine display cabinet    Body machine display cabinet    Medicine cooler    Energy display cabinet    Intelligent unmanned selling cabinet

Shangchao refrigeration equipment: open air curtain cabinet    Fresh meat cabinet  Hot food cabinet    Horizontal island cabinet    Fruit display cabinet

Other refrigeration equipment: cake cabinet    Ice maker    Wine cabinet    Flake ice machine    Cigar cabinet


Changes in sales layout

Employee Welfare

Improve the infrastructure of the park and enrich the cultural and recreational life of employees


New production supporting equipment

Side plate of laser cutting equipment    Forming line


Laying of sales outlets

At present, the company has established the following branches:

Chongqing Branch      Dongguan Office

   Fujian Branch           Hong Kong Branch

Chengdu Branch      Huizhou Office

Zhongshan branch

Establishment of the Ministry of foreign trade



New Services


Artificial intelligence, industry reform, unmanned retail, doing well in tradition, committed to intelligence and helping new retail

New power, new direction, intelligent production, intelligent operation >  Remote temperature control, remote temperature regulation, remote maintenance >  Reduce problems, improve service and improve efficiency


Past: The user finds a problem → contact the salesman → the salesman arranges and feeds back to the after-sales department - → the after-sales department verifies the problem with the user → arrange the master (customer pain point: unable to determine whether to arrange, the master's contact number and door-to-door time, and repeatedly urge the salesman)

Future: Develop an exclusive after-sales app for our company. The freezer is equipped with QR code - enter the product bar code → go directly to the after-sales page to directly describe the problem → send orders online → contact the master, and the door-to-door time query is accurate


New  not  come


When the mobile phone is installed with the operating system, the function of making calls is less than 20%

The future freezer is not only refrigeration and preservation,
New manufacturing is not just to sell our products
It also requires us to output more services
Personalization, customization and intelligence are our future.





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Marketing Company: Foshan yashenbao Trading Co., Ltd
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