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Service Support


1. Whether the height of the store door is higher than the height of the cabinet body, ensure that the freezer can be pushed into the store after arriving in the store, and try to provide the actual map of the store
Pieces or design and construction drawings;
2. Whether the height of the freezer installation position set by the customer can push the cabinet body in;
3. After the freezer is pushed into the position specified by the customer, can the master enter the top of the cabinet reserved after the decoration during installation, and whether there is
The space is convenient for the master to operate
4. Whether the installation location of the outdoor machine is well ventilated and heat dissipated, and whether movable or detachable decorative panels are reserved for later maintenance
5. Inform the customer in advance to open and reserve the outlet pipe water outlet hole, especially for the high-end decoration wall glass marble, etc.
After the installation master arrives on site, it can be operated quickly
6. Due to the limitation of the customer’s decoration design structure, if the copper pipe and the external machine need to be laid in advance, the communication must be well communicated in advance and the customer is required
Additional payment of corresponding door-to-door] fees;
7. Please reserve a 16A socket with a ground wire in the position of the freezer when decorating, which is convenient for later use;
8. After determining the placement of the inner and outer machines, you can place an order to note the direction of the copper pipe out of the box according to the placement position of the inside and outside, which can help customers
Users can effectively save the length of copper pipes;
9. If the ordinary brick wall needs to be drilled by the master, please notify in advance to ensure that the master can operate the concrete after arriving on site.
For walls or marble walls, customers must ask professionally drilled rhinestones to drill copper pipe holes and external drainage holes in advance;

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