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Set the goal, win in execution

The second expansion activity of Foshan yashenbao Trading Co., Ltd. in 2021 was kicked off on June 19, 2021, and the Xiaobian was also very excited, because the group construction activities can cultivate the cohesion of the team; It can not only relax and regulate the body, but also improve personal comprehensive ability.

Father's love has traces, but years have no traces

He may look ordinary, but his smile on you is always spoiled; He may not talk gracefully, but what he talks about is his concern for you; He may be thrifty, but he is never stingy with you; He is the man who loves you most in the world - father! The role of father plays an indispensable role in children's growth. In modern families, the image of father in children's mind is busy and dignified, and there are few opportunities for children to contact and communicate with their father. The father is kind or strict in the eyes of his children, but the father's love is as warm as the sunshine in June, and the father's love is as strong as a mountain. Father's Day is coming. May the bright sunshine in June always shine on my father's kind smiling face! May the continuous rain in June nourish my father's broad heart forever! Bing Xin once said: "father's love is silent. If you feel it, it's not father's love.". Compared with the tenderness and delicacy of maternal love, paternal love is often implicit and deep, but it is also sincere and touching, deep and long! The most difficult person in the world is father! He blames you for doing wrong, but he doesn't want you to be blamed in his heart! He never praises how great you are, but he is already proud to hurt himself! He's never picky, he just picked out the best and gave it to you! Father is so selfless to pay, accompany us to grow up. Although father's love is not as delicate as mother's, it contains us with an open mind. He has always been with us and taught us to face the future strongly. We can't fall down easily in case of setbacks and blows. We should face all difficulties and setbacks bravely. The clouds are affectionate for a long summer, and the father's love is as heavy as a mountain. Few people remember that dad was once a child. In the first half of his life, he lived as himself. In the second half of his life, with you, he was busy doing what he should do as an adult, always pretending to be strong to bear the burden of age. Years quietly climbed up his father's shoulder, bent his spine and whited his temples, only to find that his father was not Superman, but became omnipotent for us. When your arm can't lift my grown body, when I'm no longer the child jumping around you, but you're still the mountain we're willing to rely on and never collapse! The reason why dad exists is to accompany us to see snails and tell us that the road of life should be taken slowly. The traces of years are secretly hidden in every old photo. His shoulder is the Observatory for me to see the world. You lift me over your head to see the world. When I was a child, my father supported not only my home, but also my whole world. He always thought that father's love was restrained. In fact, he just loved deeply. -Father's day- Dad worked hard When one day you grow old and become a child, please let me take care of you like an adult. We have a great back cover in our life. Thank you!   Yashen Bao wishes happy father's day all over the world. You've worked hard!     -END-   Highlights to be continued… More wonderful activities I will continue to present it to you Want to learn more about events Welcome to our official account I look forward to your joining~ With you, we are more complete ❤ Yashenbao official wechat:yashenbao01 Website of the company's official website:    

Dragon Boat Festival meets father's day. Let's put "zongzi" to say love!

My father grew up with us, Gave us countless unforgettable moments.     Father's shoulder ▼ Always so strong, Just to make us sit more secure.   Father's embrace ▼ Although there is no vast sea, it contains all the willfulness of children, Warm our life. No matter how big the storm in the world is, it is blocked out.   Father's love ▼ My father is like a mountain, carrying all the burdens and making my life easy and safe. Father is like an umbrella, covering all the wind and rain, leaving me a sunny and warm. Father is like a sun, illuminating my heart and making me bright forever. When father's day meets the Dragon Boat Festival, The frontal collision between the two traditional festivals of China and the west, What kind of ripples will appear? Laiya Shenbao, let's put "zongzi" to say love! Yashen Bao launched product promotion this month Product features of island cabinet Direct cooling and frost free; It adopts well-known brand compressor with stable performance and strong refrigeration; Unique self defrosting refrigeration system; Larger inner space capacity; High density foaming, overall foaming, good thermal insulation effect; Pure copper evaporator, cooling faster; Using microcomputer digital display temperature control, the setting is simpler and the temperature is more accurate; Multi color system for customers to choose and match at will; The humanized design of open glass window has large display area and convenient access to goods, which fully reflects the food in the cabinet Free combination island cabinet Product features of intelligent cabinet Code scanning / face scanning, door opening, independent purchase, automatic checkout after door closing; Accurate identification, with a product identification rate of 99.99%; It can choose face recognition and gravity recognition. It supports WeChat and Alipay without secret deduction and IC card swipe, and it is more convenient to purchase. Intelligent advertising system, personalized recommendation advertising and business activities; Intelligent monitoring system, intelligent anti-theft to ensure commodity safety; Image recognition, background big data analysis, accurate user portrait, efficient decision-making and selection to improve operation efficiency; Real time transmission of consumption data, automatic early warning of inventory and shelf life, and higher replenishment efficiency; Configure a variety of marketing tools, such as users, commodities, promotion and supplier management, so as to save more worry in operation; Provide brand system platform system, combined with intelligent sales terminal, from warehouse, logistics, stores, users, one-stop convenient operation service, so as to reduce a lot of human and material resources; Provide intelligent user analysis and systematic marketing system to find accurate users for brands and greatly reduce the cost of getting customers; Data system integration and industry analysis make production more targeted, operation more efficient, profit more guaranteed, and improve brand competitiveness. Product features of beverage display cabinet Air cooled refrigeration speed is fast, refrigeration is uniform, automatic Frost: well-known brand compressor is adopted, with stable performance and strong refrigeration: double-layer hollow glass door, heat insulation and cold lock, and no loss of cold air; Equipped with LED lights to save power and energy; High density foaming, overall foaming, no exposure of cold air, more thermal insulation; Pure copper evaporator, cooling faster; Using microcomputer digital display temperature control, the setting is simpler and the temperature is more accurate; Automatic rebound door, timely and automatically close the door to protect the air conditioner in the cabinet; Highlight environmental protection and energy conservation as a whole. Product features of beer cabinet All matte black design, high-grade and luxurious appearance and novel style; Double layer toughened full wave door with automatic rebound function, no water condensation, optional glass on both sides, better display effect; The chrome plated dual-purpose layer rack is equipped with price bar, which can clearly mark the price of goods, classify and place them, and facilitate picking up; Accurate microcomputer control and display cabinet temperature; White, yellow and blue LED design in the cabinet, one key color change, free adjustment according to the atmosphere, more humanized design; Famous brand compressor, good refrigeration effect. 618 has begun, with many discounts and benefits. Having a suitable freezer is like a soldier on the battlefield. Having a good gun allows you to prepare for the heat. Shopping malls are like a battlefield. Yashen Bao freezer allows you to kill all sides in this "battlefield"! Commercial refrigeration, please identify yashen Bao! Welcome new and old customers to take care of our company!   Finally, al

Hello summer, everything is on the way

   "One after another, red and purple have become dust, and summer Lingxin is in the sound of cuckoo." When the blooming flowers turn to dust in spring and the cuckoo's cry comes to my ears, it means that summer has come. Yes, we have ushered in summer From today on, there will be more heat in heaven and earth, the breeze will no longer bring cold, and everything has entered a vigorous growth period. And we should be like them, in this spring and summer communication: Based on the present, have a good heart, strive to grow and bloom their own light, so as to live up to the next day.   Say goodbye to spring and stay with summer   I just took off my heavy clothes. Before I had time to stop and enjoy it, summer came in a hurry. The coming of summer,The real summer is still in the stage of preparation, but everything has changed significantly. By the middle of May, the day gradually lengthened, the sun had more mature charm, and the wind was full of the aroma of plants and trees. At this time, all things really stand up and exist in this vibrant heaven and earth, so there are the "three seasons" of the beginning of summer. When the mole crows:Sensing the approach of summer, the mole beetles began to make their own calls, so the woods were a little more secluded; Second, wait for earthworms to come out:Earthworms dig out of the dormant place to rush to this midsummer appointment; Three Hou Wang guasheng:The vines of Wang Gua can finally grow wantonly and bloom many beautiful flowers all the way. In this secret process, we not only see the beauty of natural evolution, but also realize the vitality behind it. So when you are upset, you might as well put down your chores: Go to the park or field in early summer, listen to the insects not far away, and let the cool wind take away all your troubles. Remember, to bid farewell to spring with an optimistic attitude, stay with summer, and seriously manage each day is the highest respect for this beautiful time. Learn to grow wantonly The ancients said, "on the day of Mencius, heaven and earth begin to intersect, and all things show together." At this time of year, the summer heat is coming, the temperature is obviously rising, the vitality is also booming, and everything is thriving. So, learn to grow wantonly in summer. In this prosperous may, break through the haze of the past and run hard with the longing for a better life. Just as the ancient poem said, the peach blossoms in the mountain temple begin to bloom when the fragrance of April on earth is exhausted。 Even in the season when all the flowers wither and disappear, they should bloom like the peach flowers in the mountain temple. After a spring of forbearance, the summer harvest crops have entered the final stage of growth. The maturity and harvest are basically a foregone conclusion. Summer should be like the youth of life, always busy, accumulate strength and work hard. Although life is always full of ups and downs, and people are inevitably old and weak, as long as it is in summer, never stop. Now is the best time, and our life should be as gorgeous as summer flowers. New summer, new scenery, new season and new weather. Say "hello" to summer. I wish everyone can live and flourish in the warm and genial may. Spring to summer, is a new beginning. You know, on the road of life, everyone is a unique scenery. Don't forget to be your own protagonist. Even if there is no peach blossom garden in the world, everyone has his own peach blossom garden in his heart, which hides the most real and beautiful emotions and stirs our heartstrings from time to time. So, no matter what happens to you, don't forget to calm down, take care of your body and mind, and do something you like. Finally, may all your troubles and mine go with the wind, and happiness is like summer flowers. I wish you a happy summer!   Highlights to be continued… More wonderful activities I will continue to present it to you Want to learn more about events Welcome to our official account. I look forward to your joining~ With you, we are more complete ❤   【New friends】You can scan our QR code directly, which is convenient and fast; 【old buck】Click the top right corner to share the content to the circle of friends; Yashenbao official wechat:yashenbao01 Website of the company's official website:  

Maternal love is the most sincere love in the world

No matter around or in the sky, you always hold me; No matter poor or rich, you always go with me; Whether young or old, you are always busy for me; No matter plain or brilliant, you always treat me the same; No matter happy or sad, you are always by my side. Mother's Day is coming, dear mother, you have worked hard

May 4th Youth Day - we are not the same young

May 4th Youth Day, this is a youth festival, this is a festival that belongs to all of us. Physically, youth means being under the age of 45. Mentally, it means being energetic, energetic, enthusiastic, clear, positive, innovative, change seeking, courageous, courageous and aggressive……. Youth is an endless test paper, a white shirt with the smell of sunshine, and a desperate pursuit of dreams.

Hard work, happy May Day

I think the best way to seek happiness in life is to respect labor. All happiness can be obtained by labor, and all hardship can be relieved by labor—— Li Dazhao The end of spring is approaching, the spring rain is continuous, and everything is thriving. In everyone's hard and happy work, may day collides with us. Compared with the situation of the epidemic last year, this year is bullish. We are diligent and hard-working. Xiaobian believes that everyone will gain a lot from their work this year.

The 52nd Earth Day is coming!!!

In April, walking in the season at the end of spring, you only need to look at your eyebrows, and you will have soft, beautiful and enchanting eyes. Green willows spit smoke and flowers bloom on the street. The breeze passed by, lost the tip of the eyebrow and sweet the heart. The annual "World Earth Day" is coming.

《Maintenance Manual of air curtain cabinet》Enclosed please find~

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's attention to food safety and hygiene, wind curtain cabinet has become one of the necessary refrigeration equipment in major supermarkets, fresh stores, convenience stores, catering and other fields. The air curtain cabinet has large capacity, fashionable and beautiful appearance and humanized design. It can store many categories such as fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurt, beverages and prepackaged food, which is favored by the majority of businesses.

Concentrate and live up to your youth

The first outdoor expansion activity of Foshan yashenbao Trading Co., Ltd. is coming in 2021! "Spring is the most beautiful season of the year, symbolizing our youth and the best season for organizing team outdoor activities. Through outdoor team building activities, let team members have close contact with nature, enjoy the beautiful scenery in spring, expand their horizons, further cultivate employees' team consciousness and team spirit, create a harmonious collective atmosphere and enhance team cohesion. Therefore, we take this opportunity to gather together our brothers and sisters. During the period of "cohesion, live up to our youth", full team positive energy emerged. " With the introduction of the host's opening remarks in Guangzhou, the expansion activities began~

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